How to Allow ConfigMgr to manage Multiple AD forest.

Scenario: The current environment contains two active directories sites in diffrent forests with domain name and Introduction: Configuration Manager 2007 clients on the intranet use Active Directory Domain Services as their primary method of service location and configuration. If you have clients that reside in a separate forest, they will not be able to retrieve […]

How to remove SCCM/SMS Sites from Console

Case Summary: The old SCCM/SMS site has already been uninstalled in the server, but it still appear in ConfigMgr console According to Microsoft Technet, if you need to start secondary site wizard, you may need to: 1- Navigate to System CenterConfiguration Manager / Site Database / Site Management / <site code> – <site name> / […]

CCM Client with App-v Client issue

Case Summary Problem Description: =============== If you deploy App-v server through Task sequence and install it with ConfigMgr client; Virtual Applications will not work with the following error: Unable to initialize package information (0×00000000) Scope: ======== This issue may occur if Allow virtual application package advertisement is selected in Advertised Program Client Agent Properties. When […]

MP has discarded a report when processing Ddr

Case Summary Problem Description: ================ You may found the following warring in Site Status -> SMS Management Point MP has discarded a report when processing Ddr Possible Cause: Corruption or invalid user definition. Solution: Check the logs to identify the cause. if the problem is persistent raise the issue with Microsoft Support. Reason: ========== The […]