CCM Client with App-v Client issue

Case Summary

Problem Description:


If you deploy App-v server through Task sequence and install it with ConfigMgr client; Virtual Applications will not work with the following error:

Unable to initialize package information (0×00000000)



This issue may occur if Allow virtual application package advertisement is selected in Advertised Program Client Agent Properties.

When the ConfigMgr client is installed on the system it is expected also to handle virtual application launch and stream.

If you check the following keys in Registry, you find the different:


You can find that LaunchCommand & DDELaunchCommand value is:

  • LaunchCommand: “C:Windowssystem32CCMVappLauncher.exe” /launch “<APP>”
  • DDELaunchCommand “C:Windowssystem32CCMVappLauncher.exe” /launch “<APP>”

While the correct values should be:

  • LaunchCommand “C:Program FilesMicrosoft Application Virtualization Clientsfttray.exe” /launch “<APP>”
  • DDELaunchCommand “C:Program FilesMicrosoft Application Virtualization Clientsftdde.exe” “<APP>” <DDE>”



It’s not necessary to configure Allow virtual application package advertisement if ConfigMgr is not handling lunch and streaming virtual applications.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send free support ticket:

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