Request User State Storage – Error 0x00002004

Case Summary

You have Microsoft Configuration Manager 2007 R2 with Service Pack 2 and you are trying to run task sequence to on the client machine “Windows 7” to capture user profile and deploy a new image then restore user profile.

When task sequence will run on Microsoft Windows 7 to capture User Profile you may receive the following error when task sequence start “Request User State Storage”.

The error code is 0x00002004

and you my also found the following error in Task Sequence – Advertisement Status reports:

The execution of the group (Capture Files and Settings) has failed and the execution has been aborted. An action failed

Choose one of the following method

  1. Uninstall Microsoft Security update KB974571 on the client machine.
  2. Install Hotfix form Microsoft on Server & Client.

If you have any question, you may post your question to the following technical forum:

Configuration Manager Forum

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