Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 Update 1 – Now in Beta Release!

Source: Jeff Wettlaufer Blog

We are very pleased to announce the release of the Beta for MDT Service Release 1.  This is a significant update to a well known addition to System Center Configuration Manager primarily for OS deployment, but MDT is much more than just a small add on.

As organizations make the move to Windows 7, and Office 2010 the need for tools to help deploy Windows and Office quickly—and do it right the first time is a major priority.  Organizations have also been asking for features that will let them respond to user requests to ‘have a say’ in what gets installed on their machines.
To respond to our Customers’ needs, the Solution Accelerators Team has built powerful new features into Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010.  MDT 2010 Update 1 includes Office 2010 support, the ability for users to initiate and customize their own deployments using Configuration Manager, key enhancements in Windows 7 driver support, and much more.

MDT 2010 Update 1 is now in Beta release.  You can access this update here.


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