Cisco VPN client error: ‘Reason 442: Failed to enable virtual adapter’ on Windows 8


You successfully install Cisco VPN Client – Version on Microsoft Windows 8 but when you run the client, you received the following error:

Reason 442: Failed to enable virtual adapter


Wrong Display Name register for Cisco System VPN Adapter.


Follow the below steps:

  1. Open Device Manager and make sure the Cisco System VPN Adapter is Enabled

  2. Open Windows Registry and navigate to the following path:


  3. Double click on DisplayName key and change the Value Data by removing:

    @oem 13.ingf, %CvitA_Desc%

  4. After changing, the value should look like:

  5. Restart Windows 8 machine.
  6. Cisco client will be connected

Abduljalil Abolzahab


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