Fail to create stand-alone media when Image exceeds 4095MB (4 GB)


When I tried to create a stand-alone media – USB drive, the wizard fail because image size is larger than 4095 MB.

When I checked CreateTsMedia.log I found the following:

OS image has a size 7987 Mb exceeding max file size 4095 Mb


Unfortunately System Center 2012 Configuration Manager will not allow create USB stand-alone media if image size is larger than 4095 MB.


As a work around, task sequence media wizard will success when create ISO stand-alone media regardless what is the size of your image, The wizard splits the .WIM files into multiple files smaller than 4095 MB.

You can use the following steps to copy from ISO that you create to USB:

1. Open Command Prompt with administrative privalge and run diskpart tool commands:


list disk

select disk 1 (Select disk number according to list disk result, in this example Disk 0 is my HDD, and Disk 1 is USB Flash disk)


create partition primary

select partition 1

format fs=fat32 quick



2. Mount the ISO file that was created to virtual disk (I’m using MagicISO Virtual CD/DVD Manager )

3. Run xcopy command to copy all files including booting files from virtual CD/DVD to USB Flash:

xcopy f:*.* /s /e /f g:

F:  = Source (Virtual Disk)

G: Destination (USB FLASH DISK)

Abduljalil Abolzahab



2 thoughts on “Fail to create stand-alone media when Image exceeds 4095MB (4 GB)

    1. Thanks Mohamed for comments.
      This issue was available before service pack released and solved in SP1, now you can create task sequence media regardless what is the size of image… the limitation is not 4 GB

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