Bootable Flash – Task Sequence Media for Virtual ConfigMgr Server

Case Summary:


We have Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 installed on Microsoft Windows 2003/2008 Server in virtual environment, We need to use task sequence stand-alone media to deploy Windows 7 image.

Windows 7 image file with required packages and drivers are more than 4.7 GB, and we cannot create bootable flash media, because server is virtual and may not detect plugged USB Flash in the host server.



Please check the below steps to create bootable standalone USB flash:

1- Create Task Sequence Stand-alone media from ConfigMgr and in media type save it as CD/DVD 8.5 GB.

2- Continue wizard as usual, and finally you will have stand-alone task sequence with ISO format.

3- Mount ISO file to Virtual Server or you may use any virtual CD/DVD application (I recommend MagicISO Virtual CD/DVD Manager).

4- Open Command Prompt as administrator

5- Run Diskpart tool

6- We need to check list of disks plugged to machine to choose flash disk

Diskpart>list disk

7- Disk 0 is my HDD, and Disk 1 is USB Flash disk, I need to select disk 1

Diskpart> select disk 1

8- Next step is to clean disk 1

Diskpart> clean

9- Create primary partition for flash disk

Diskpart> create partition primary

10- Select USB Disk partition

Diskpart> select partition 1

11- Format USB disk as FAT32

Diskpart> format fs=fat32 quick

12- Active disk partition

Diskpart> active

13- Leave Diskpart and run xcopy command to copy all files including booting files from virtual CD/DVD to USB Flash

xcopy f:*.* /s /e /f g:

F: is source Disk

G: Destination (USB FLASH DISK)

Good Luck


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